Improving soccer pitch accessibility
by working with those inspired to support the game

ABOUT USI The Urban Soccer Initiative   We connect grassroots organizers, site owners, and capital partners to help drive a field development project to completion. We are experts in rehabilitating old fields or building a brand new one.


HOW IT WORKS Explore the different stakeholders below and see where you fit
  • Grassroots Leader
  • Site Partner
  • Capital Partner
As a Site Partner you own, lease or manage recreational space that is generally available for public use. You could be a part of a parks department, school, community center, or municipality.

The Urban Soccer Initiative manages a network of site partners who have the resources to accept a soccer field donation. This database provides you with an opportunity to showcase your space and collaborate with foundations and donors actively investing in soccer field projects. By registering your recreational space and including information about active or planned field projects our capital partners will be able to connect with you directly to execute a soccer field project in your community.

Type of site(s) owned/managed

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As a Capital Partner you are an organization or private donor that is interested in playing a primary role in funding a soccer pitch project within a target market. You have the financial resources, but need a site and very little red tape.

The Urban Soccer Initiative maintains relationships with parks, programs and community centers across the country, and can connect you to active and planned projects within communities that need your support. In addition to making our network of projects available to you, we assist with site identification, concept design, cost estimation, as well as construction and project management.

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As a Grassroots Leader you are an individual or group looking to improve a soccer pitch or build a new one in their community. You could be a soccer player, a soccer club, a soccer program, a teacher, a community or neighborhood group or a small community center, school, nonprofit, or simply an inspired individual. You may or may not have a site location in mind, but generally lack the time, resources or experience to get a soccer field built or rehabilitated.

The Urban Soccer Initiative has designed a toolkit to help get your project off the ground. The toolkit runs you through the entire process from finding a potential site to securing funding for your initiative.

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CONTACT Don’t fit into any of the categories above or want to simply chat with us? Or leave us a message here


Jasyn Polowitz Founder and Executive Director

Jasyn is a life-long entrepreneur and soccer enthusiast. He is currently a Product Manager for the tech company, Answers, Inc., and is passionate about applying technology to projects within the world of development through sport. Jasyn graduated from Cornell University and more recently, The University of Michigan, where he earned an MBA.

Tyler Levin Board Member

Tyler has been actively involved with soccer his entire life, as a player, referee and coach. He is currently a Vice President at Ares Management, a private equity firm based in Los Angeles, CA. Tyler graduated from Cornell University and, more recently, received a MBA from Harvard Business School.

Eli Sipos Board Member

Eli is an avid soccer fan and a scrappy defender. In between his career in international business and earning an MA in International Science and Technology Policy from George Washington University, Eli has worked with USI on the ground as a Project Leader and has also served on the Board. Eli recently moved to Buffalo, where he is entering the growing craft beer industry as an entrepreneur.

Jon HydukeBoard Member

Based in Washington, DC, Jon is a life-long fan of the beautiful game. Currently, he works as an Assistant Vice President for Walker & Dunlop, a commercial real estate lending company. Jon graduated from Cornell University and recently began a graduate program at Johns Hopkins University in Real Estate Development.

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